What We Do
L.A. SHARES is a nonprofit materials reuse program, which takes donations from the local business community and individuals of reusable goods and materials (both new and used) and then redistributes these items FREE-OF-CHARGE to nonprofits and schools in the City of Los Angeles.

How We Do It
Through this interactive website, qualified schools and nonprofits in the City of Los Angeles register online for the L.A. SHARES program and create a detailed online profile of their organization, including an overall "Wish List" and a "Top 20 List" of their most needed items, drawn from the donations we carry.

This profile is then entered into our database, which helps us to identify each organization's needs and then match those needs with items that our donors are offering L.A. SHARES on a daily basis.

Our primary method of awarding donations is via online lotteries. Registered schools and nonprofits selected receive daily email notifications of donated items available via our online lottery system using data from your profile.

Those who respond to notifications within the allotted time are included in lottery drawings.

Using a fair and equitable method of selection lottery winners are notified via email and given the necessary information to pick-up their item(s) directly from the donor.

Once the donation is completed, L.A. SHARES then issues a tax deduction letter to the donor.

Our Results
During 2017, L.A. SHARES, the city-wide materials reuse program, completed 5,597 exchanges for the benefit of 1,150 Los Angeles nonprofits, schools and City programs.

L.A. SHARES accomplished this through a series of online lotteries, warehouse shopping appointments and large scale redistributions and was able to divert, redirect and extend the product life of 3,377,717 individual items including significant quantities of office furniture, office equipment, office supplies, arts and crafts supplies and personal care products.

As a result, 3,377,717 individual items representing $8,865,385.53 worth of perfectly good and valuable items and weighing 1,154,778 pounds / 577.37 tons - once needlessly bound for our already overcrowded landfills instead now benefit our nonprofits, schools and City programs.

Who's Involved
The success of L.A. SHARES is a true collaboration between an outstanding Board of Directors the City of Los Angeles, our "material" donors, in-kind partners and generous financial supporters.

Our Background
Created in 1991, L.A. SHARES was formerly a pilot program of the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department known as Materials For The Arts. In 1994, in an effort to expand and service even more nonprofit groups and schools, L.A. SHARES became an independent, nonprofit organization.

Since 1991, L.A. SHARES has worked with 4,000+ local companies to give away more than $180,000,000.00 worth of goods and materials to over 4,000 nonprofit organizations and schools throughout the City of Los Angeles.

From its inception, L.A. SHARES' key partner has been the City of Los Angeles, with the direct support and participation from the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation, Solid Resources Citywide Recycling Division.

Through the 25+ years history of this successful public/private partnership together we have made an ongoing commitment to increase the amount of reuse opportunities available to the citizens of Los Angeles through this innovative effort to reduce the amount of goods and materials that are being sent unnecessarily to our already overburdened landfills.

Program Benefits
In addition to L.A. SHARES' obvious benefit to recipients, our generous donors receive tax deductions for items contributed in addition to saving on the disposal cost of online unwanted items.

We have a simple and quick online donation process.

L.A. SHARES immediately arranges for schools and nonprofits to quickly pick up items, directly from donors.

The whole process from the initial listing of the donation to pick up takes about five business days.

Donors can also make arrangements in advance to drop off their donation at one of L.A. SHARES' two warehouses (Griffith Park and Wilmington), if they prefer.

Our Achievements
By utilizing L.A. SHARES, California businesses adhere to Assembly Bill 939, which requires them to reduce their landfill-bound waste, last year, L.A. SHARES helped local companies divert more than 1 million pounds of useful goods and materials from our local landfills.

L.A. SHARES has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, The White House Task Force on Recycling, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the City of Los Angeles for its outstanding environmental achievement. Consequently, L.A. SHARES is now used as a "model" program for similar materials reuse efforts throughout the country.

L.A. SHARES has helped more than 4,000 organizations and schools throughout the City of Los Angeles including: Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Amity Foundation, A Place Called Home, Center for Conflict Resolution, Organization for the Needs of the Elderly, Habitat for the Humanity, Inner City Cultural Center, Building Skills Partnership, The Dream Center, Central American Resolution Center, Youth United, East Los Angeles Remarkable Citizens Association, Covenant House Los Angeles, Teen Prime Time, Hunger Action Los Angeles, Madison Middle School, Union Rescue Mission, Play Mountain Place, Los Angeles Girl Scout Council, the San Fernando Valley Child Guidance Clinic, Champs Charter High School, John Marshall High School, Canoga Park Elementary School, Saint Mary School, Anatola Valley Elementary School, United American Indian Involvement, Los Angeles Family School, and thousands more needy and deserving groups.

For the last 25+ years, L.A. SHARES has proudly partnered with the City of Los Angeles and the local business community to become the largest single donor of goods and materials to the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Arts community, After School Enrichment Programs, Charter Schools, the Recreation and Parks community, the Theater community and the Alcohol and Drug Recovery community, among others.

Where to Find Out More
See our Become A Donor section for more information about donating, or see our Become a Recipient section for more information about obtaining needed goods and materials for the City of Los Angeles based school or nonprofit through L.A. SHARES. You may also want to review our FAQ's if you have further questions.

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