Simply put, the continued success of L.A. SHARES depends upon your support and participation. We need you — our generous donors and deserving recipients — to help us spread the word about L.A. SHARES!

To make it easier to spread the word, we have created two simple e-mail messages that you can send right now. One is to a friend working in the business community, and the other is to a friend working at a school or non-profit organization. Each e-mail allows you to introduce your friends to L.A. SHARES and offers a link to our website for more information.

  Send a message now to a BUSINESS who would be interested in a NO-HASSLE tax deductible and environmentally sound way to donate their unwanted goods and materials to local schools and non-profits.
  Send a message now to a SCHOOL OR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION in need of FREE materials, supplies and equipment from L.A. SHARES.


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