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Subject: FREE Office Furniture, Equipment & Supplies - L.A. SHARES

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I thought you would be interested in obtaining FREE office furniture, equipment and supplies through L.A. SHARES, a local organization set up to help our schools and non-profits.

L.A. SHARES is a non-profit materials reuse program that takes donations of reusable goods and materials (both new and used) from the local business community. and It then redistributes these items FREE OF CHARGE to schools and non-profits throughout Los Angeles County.

Since 1991, L.A. SHARES has helped over 1,000 local companies redistribute more than $75,000,000.00 worth of goods and materials to more than 2,500 Los Angeles' schools and non-profits.

Shouldn't your non-profit or school take advantage of this program?

Consider becoming part of the L.A. SHARES family. It's simple and easy...and FREE.

Sign up now at

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