L.A. SHARES has two warehouses, one in Griffith Park and the other in Wilmington.

Griffith Park

A wide assortment of supplies are kept here and made available to Recipients through designated "Shopping Days."

At our 7,000 square foot facility in Griffith Park you will find hundreds of different items including calculators, paper, pens, desk top accessories, staplers, tape, stationary supplies, books, envelopes, chalkboards, labels, file folders, scissors, sheet protectors, binders, bags, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, paperclips, glue sticks, and personal care products, plus many more valuable supplies.

Of course, all items are FREE OF CHARGE.


Our 14,000 square foot warehouse in Wilmington is used to store excess inventory for later redistribution on "Shopping Days" at our Griffith Park facility.

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