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If you're a New Donor, welcome and please read the following so we can be of help:

Thank you for considering donating to L.A. SHARES and joining the 4,000+ local companies that have already partnered with us for the past 25+ years.

We promise your reusable goods and materials will benefit one or more of the thousands of under-funded schools and non-profit organizations throughout the City of Los Angeles.

Thanks to the generosity of donors just like you, since 1991 L.A. SHARES has redistributed over $180 million worth of items to over 4,000 needy and deserving schools and non-profits.

We hope you will consider joining the L.A. SHARES family.

Donor Benefits

In addition to the obvious philanthropic benefit that your donation will bring, your company will also gain:

  • A tax deduction letter from L.A. SHARES, a 501(c)3 organization, stating what your estimate to be the value of your donation.

  • Individual "Thank You" letters from the non-profit or school that received your contribution, informing you as to how the donated items are being used.

  • A no-cost, environmentally sound method for disposal of unwanted goods and materials.

  • A free charitable arm (that's us, L.A. SHARES) to facilitate every aspect of your donation.

Donor Guidelines

L.A. SHARES strives to make the donation process simple and easy for donors.

Through this website you can post your items to be donated through our simple online system.

Then, an L.A. SHARES representative will immediately contact you, swiftly process your donation and issue your tax deduction letter.

From there, L.A. SHARES staff makes sure that your donated items are quickly matched to non-profits or schools in need through our online system and its state of the art relational database.

Once your donation is matched to a recipient organization, we then arrange for a FREE-OF-CHARGE pick up of the item(s) by the organization.

In fact, most donation items are matched to qualified schools and nonprofits in less than 24 hours.

Once matched, you and the recipient organization are both notified by email and the recipient organization will contact you directly by email and/or telephone in order arrange a pick up date and time that is convenient for you.

After that's completed, you can expect a "thank you" letter from the grateful recipient organization letting you know how your donation is being utilized.

L.A. SHARES has been facilitating tens of thousands these donor-recipient transactions for 25+ years.

We strive to ensure that your donation will be the hands of deserving schools and/or non-profits in just 5 working days!

If you prefer, you are also welcome to make arrangements to drop off your donations at one of our two warehouses.

To see how easy it is to donate, click here to view a sample donation submission form.


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM or call us at (213) 485-1097.

However, we recommend you first check our FAQs for quick, convenient answers to frequently asked questions from donors like yourself.

In advance, the L.A. SHARES team thanks you for your generous contribution.

Your donation will really make a difference in our community.

The "Thank You" letter you will receive from the school or nonprofit will attest to that.

Ready to donate?

Please visit the "Items You Can Donate" and the "Items We Cannot Accept" pages to see if your donation is appropriate for the L.A. SHARES program.

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